Friday, May 23, 2003

1:34 AM

Well tommorrow i am off to New York.
I may or may not be able to update from there. I hope so, so stay turned, for Lou Sucks, New York version.
If i cant get access, i guess i will write up a bunch of stuff while there and post it when i get back.

And Maddy, Abe, please remember to come get me at the bus station, thank you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

1:31 PM

Well bloger apears to be having problems, argh

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

7:29 PM

Well, thanks to work and stupid stupid school, I have been unable to update as often as I want to.
Sorry about that folks.

So now, with out further ado, Matrix Reloaded:

Be warned, spoilers contained within.

Lets start this off by saying I have had no free time these past few weeks, thus the current lack of regular updates. So I really should not have stayed up way to late to watch the sequel to a movie I could only make myself watch once in normal mode. (I listened to the audio commentary with Carrie Anne Moss once just cause I love her freaking voice) It does not make sense that I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning to see this film when I have school the next morning.

Never let it be said that I have ever made sense.

I liked the first movie for what it was. Nice little action flick. Sure, it was basically just the plot of the Terminator movies with a really cool virtual reality video game that gave you super powers if you knew it was a game, for some reason, and it has Ted Logan in it as a hero.
But I really don’t need to say anything about the star of Speed and Feeling Minnesota sense I have already had Chuck Heston of the NRA talk for me about it. With his gun.

This flick had a lot to live up to. Everyone and his brother copied the special effects that made this movie stand out. Bullet time and freeze frame fight scenes became standard over night. How can you out do yourself when comedies use the effects that you created?

You cant really. This movie didn’t have the ”wow cool” effect in it that made the movie.
Not for me, anyway. Some of the effects were, just bad in places. Like Blade 2 the fight in front of the lights bad. Some were kick ass. So lets do it by the numbers shall we?

1. Story.

This film really does not stand alone in the story department; it is the definite middle movie in a trilogy.
This movie’s plot felt like they made this movie and the next one back to back, which is what they did. Which is something that the Lord of the Rings movies didn’t feel like. Each film can sorta kinda stand-alone. Sure you don’t know what happens to all the characters, but you have a definite beginning, middle and end. The plot of this movie NEEDS the next film too much. For that matter, about an hour of this movie is not needed for the story. Its filler. Fight scenes go on to long, the dance/ Neo Trinity getting it on scene was to long. The whole part in Zion needed to be edited better. Make the point that not everyone agrees with Morpheus, make the point that most do, make the point that the humans in Zion need some machines in order to live and contrast that with the machines that want to kill them. But leaving the movie with these scenes in it at the length they were, left chunks of film that did not forward anything in the movie, and you want them to end so something new can happen. You cut scenes that do that. So the machines are digging and want to kill everyone in Zion. All right that’s bad, but why do they want to kill the humans at all? Because they exist? They live in filth and a fucked up destroyed world that they chose to live in cause the clean normal world they were in was not real?
So the machines are going to kill them cause they are really freaking stupid.
Who cares if reality is not reality when it is not torture? If Neo and his ship that flies thanks to electric bug zappers hot glued to it was not out causing trouble, the Agents that kill people when they take there place in the Matrix would not need to exist.
So he causes the deaths of innocent people even when he as his crew are not shooting them full of holes just cause their minds are not free. What does he want? To free everyone to the fucked up world that exists?
Yeah, I bet they will all tear his ass to pieces once they are able to.
“You took the place were we had the sun and stars and clean clothes away because you wanted us to dance around in a cave? Fuck that.”
This leads me to something else; their religion is the International Church of the Rave.
They come together in a big room. Some says something stupid to start them off. They start the music (from machines cause I didn’t see any people playing instruments) Then the dry hump like there is no tomorrow, and they simulate a mass orgy for the enjoyment of the old man in the robe. Then Neo and Trinity have sex.
That’s one hell of a church service, I give them that. With nipples and everything. But I think that the Church of Sexology is not worth the crap they put up with being “free”.
Agent Smith didn’t die like we were lead to believe in the first movie. Something from Neo imprinted onto him and I personally thing something of Smith imprinted onto Neo, that’s why he can effect machines in the real world. Smith can copy himself on other people. Agents, people in the Matrix, pieces of a grilled cheese sandwich, whatever the situation dictates.
His basic goal is as follows:
1.Kill Neo
2. Replace everyone in the Matrix world with himself
3. –Has not really thought this far ahead-
Even though I really like Smith as a character, I don’t follow his logic. Unless he hates everyone and everything so much that he wants the world to be him so he can finally not hate so much.
So it’s all about love really.
Oh and he downloaded himself into a person. And caused trouble inside Zion.
The only reason this Smith thing is important is that it is something new that the creator of the Matrix didn’t think of the other times the one has been found.
Yeah, that’s right.
The Matrix and the one has happened before, 6 times in fact.
The Oracle is a program that is helpful (or harmful you don’t know that one way or the other). Some of the programs like people or were made to like people. Others have there own way of doing things that don’t go along with the System.
And these programs like to talk.
A lot.
They like to explain why they do the things they do. They like to explain how choice works. They like to go on and on in such a manner that makes your head want to explode.
So I think that the programs rebelling is going to be something new. This new factor (with the Agent Smith thing) is going to be what makes this time different.
I also think that the machines are pretty damn ingenious.
Think about it. They let a human resistance happen, knowing that it can’t really go anywhere. Let the humans that “wake up” go alive to be picked up to going the resistance.
They are weeding out the humans that can see the Matrix’s flaws.
This is the sixth Zion right?
Each time they do a purge, that many more people that had the genetic whatevers to see manipulate the Matrix die.
So they cant have kids to pass it on. But even if they did have kids, the kids would not have the brain plugs that let people into the Matrix. So they stop these traits from being passed on.
This Zion thing is a way to weed the humans they don’t want out of the System.
Eventually, the humans that the Matrix makes will not have the ability to see the fakeness of the world around them.
I really wish that the movie had explained this, without trying to cram everything the writer learned about the nature of the universe into a handy dandy mouthpiece.

2. Special Effects:
Some were cool. Like the scene with Neo using super speed and pulling things after him with his drag like cars as he went along. Nothing made me cringe more that the multiple Agent Smiths fight scene. It looked like stop motion animation in places, or something that fits with a freshman animation project.
Not in the Matrix.
If they couldn’t make it look believable, why have it at all?
Why couldn’t they make the scenes they were having trouble with either a) shorter so the effects did not have to be as constant b) abandon the Smiths aplenty all together c) just do the harder parts in the green code (Neo vision)
The bits with the giant robot suits the humans were using looked so freaking fake.
Gummy animation powered.
If all the effects were crap, it would be ok. But some are great and others are not so much.
The not so much stand out like sore thumbs.

3. Things that really pissed me off not mentioned above

They did things in this movie that were answers to problems people had with the last film.


Neo (the hero) wears a trench coat and uses a lot of guns to kill people and cause massive damage.

Neo (the god-hero) now uses kung fu and does not use a gun in the whole film. Also, no trench coat, Neo wears something like a priest’s coat. Gun use is not so much in this film. More fighting with swords and weapons. In fact, I think Trinity and Morpheus only use guns a couple of times.

Morpheus is given his own love interest. Although it has nothing to do with the plot or the movie. Its there to “flesh out his character”. We know all we need to know about Morpheus, he is the group’s Batman. The man with the plan who gets things done his way. The less we know about him, the cooler he is. We already know everything about the group’s Superman, Neo, we don’t need to know about everyone else. The more mysterious Morpheus is, the better he is.

Characters that are introduced, no point really given for them being there (the chick in the vinyl dress, the Kung Fu dude in the glasses, the Twins, the dirty Frenchman and his pies of orgasms) unless they are going to be important in the next movie. I am guessing this is an excuse to add more characters to the movie. And have different sorts of characters in the film so they can sell more matrix toys or whatever.

The first movie was a firm action film. A little bit of a brain bender, but it was all about the special effects.
This new film was trying way to hard to make you think, and it felt like a mind rape movie instead of a mind fuck movie.

Yeah so I think that I could write a lot more on this, but I think I made my point.

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