Thursday, May 29, 2003

1:38 PM

Please note that the following was written in a week of merry making and much new situations, the comments expressed by Lou Sucks does not reflect the current state of Lu and is really going to be a huge giant ramble. My mind is currently opperating in a state of rapid flux and dread of the bus ride home.

So without further ado, Lou Sucks: The New York edition

Well, I am not dead yet. Came close ( well kind sorta, yeah), but it has not killed me yet. The city is everything I expected and a lot less scary than I imagined. Thats to the human verison of third class mail that is the Greyhound bus line, I arrived in New York five hours late and missed Maddy and Abe at the bus station (both of whom are exteremly awesome for waiting for me for the many hours of waiting on me in the bus station.
Thanks also to my sister for getting online to find someone to let them know that I made it.
And , of course, thanks to the Fox- Rescue team with jeph and Heather D. as the command center and the Fox (team leader),Warmonger Smurf (action jackson) Cheese Gimp (man of 1000 random movements) Leo (the pretty one) as the field team.
Well i have seen the mass transitent sytem of New York in action, and i have to say that its a lot more effective than driving with the redneck drunks and little old ladies that really should not be out driving their tank like American made cars That and the lack of animals that attempt to destory humanity one at a time by running out in front of cars.Well, big ones anyways, like cows or horses, or the wild emus of North Alabama. When will people learn that exotic meat is not something you attmept on a grand scale?
I cant figure out how squirels got here.
I know there are parks and i know that New York has not always been a giant city of stone and metal. But how did squirels get to live in tiny tiny parks and mantain a population that does not over tax the squirel resources that are available to them? How many squirels can one tree suport? How do they know to stop making the squirel beast with two backs and fuzzy tails?
Could this prove that squirels are more effective with population control than humans?
They could have something in-born that tells them , this many, no more.
This has to change our persception of squirels in general. They could be the next species after humanity kills itself to assume the regins of power.
The first step in squirels learning cycle for world domination.

That or they just have people that posion them every once in a while.

Whatever works.

Now i am off to get lost in the subway system for many hours.


Tuesday, May 27, 2003

8:20 AM

Well well well

What can i say? Currently I i am posting from Abe's house in New York City. We have had the BC Foxfest and the Fest and the post.
I have learned a great many things, one of which is TRO is a bad influence and that Maddy is a bigger punk than i thought.

More later, i just wanted to let the Alabama readers of this to know that i am safe and in New York.

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