Wednesday, June 11, 2003

11:39 PM

The return:

::Dramatic reverb::

Greetings again from Lou Sucks Central. Sorry about the lack of updates, I have had a bad time of it post Fox Fest. I really don’t want to go into it here, but lets just say I am glad to be back to normal.
Which means I am going back to school tonight. Ah school, the one major stabilizing force in my life. The thing that has gotten me out of my parent’s house and expanded my mind past my parent’s narrow views on the world. Glorious thing, higher education, it can take a little sheltered Alabama boy, teach him about how the world really is instead of how the Christian school teacher told him it was, and expose him to wonder among wonders…the internet.
I really like the internet.
My parents might say that I am obsessed or possessed by the Internet, but I don’t think that’s the case. But I do think that it has changed me a great deal. Not in a bad way, mind you. Not in the “I am an obsessive fan boy that has to go to a website on a regular basis”


Websites run by Canadians don’t count.

I have to go to Digifox on a daily basis to support international brother (and sister) hood, and being a fanboy of the Fox is not as bad as, say playing Everquest for hours and hours.
Not that I am knocking any Everquest people out there…I need all the readership I can get. I was just saying that the Internet can change your worldview. Often times, the local news media can slant their coverage of local and world events this is especially true in the south, where they tend to talk about “our religion” and infer that you must believe as the rest of the south believes in order to maintain your rights as an American. Hell, they have dry counties here. Not sure if everywhere has these, but basically, there are counties that alcohol is illegal. Every time a county attempts to repeal its dry status, the local religious leaders cry that alcohol being legal would cause massive amounts of people to go to hell and people to die in car accidents caused by drunken drivers. What they fail to mention is people drink, even if they live in a place where it is legal to buy stuff to drink. Also, these people have cars that they can drive to the Alcohol only stores that follow the length of the county line surrounding the dry county in question. So, not only does the neighboring county get all those lovely tax dollars, you also have drunk people driving greater distances to get more alcohol. Or sober people going to get alcohol and consuming on the way back home.
But on the hell thing, if you believe in a the concept of a Hell that you go to for your actions, why would that cause anyone but the person that is choosing to drink any harm? Free Will is one of the fundamental parts of Christianity. It’s the one thing that religious people can use to defend themselves from the “Why didn’t God just do –fill in the blank- ? Because humans were given free choice, they can ignore the “right” thing to do, they can harm themselves and others and God will not stop them. Free Will is part of the experiment that life on this planet is; therefore God can’t be blamed when “bad things happen to good people”. If people can’t be trusted with free will, as the anti drinking people claim, it makes God seem like he screwed up with this whole humanity choosing things for themselves.
So this means they are questioning the deity that they claim to be never wrong.
This is the kinda logic I am subjected to on a daily basis, logic that could have seemed valid if not for the un-messed up reporting that the Internet can give you. There was always something nagging in the back of my head about my upbringing. Something that I didn’t entirely accept but couldn’t quite express. I am fairly liberal, without being a bleeding heart. I was not aware that other people thought like I did until I got to see how the world news media covers things. I was not some lone figure in the wilderness of rednecks that didn’t see the world with family values colored glasses.
There were like minds out there, some close to home but not being covered by the outlets available to me and still others in the bigger Metropolises that I had been told were dangerous hot beds immoral activity at Sodom and Gomorra levels.
The Internet shows you how other people think and feel, first hand. None of the slanting that even big name networks like Fox News and CNN can give you.
You want to know what someone thinks? Go to their newspapers and look for their perspective of the world before you judge.
Hell, I think I have met some of my closest friends online. People I trust more after meeting them for the first time in person recently, than people I have known my whole life around here. The internet therefore is officially awesome in my book. Even though there are some scary people on here, and some of them have bats and anal scorpions.

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