Wednesday, June 18, 2003

11:28 AM

I am feeling bitter today. Hmm, wonder why?

Goddamn my hand hurts.

No, really, it hurts like burning hell fire. A low throbbing pain that makes you aware of every little movement of my hand, like it is suddenly is screaming for attention when previously it had been contented to hold things, and occasionally make offensive hand gestures.
It is hurting cause I did something stupid and it wants me to know about it.
In its handmind, just below the thumb to the right of the wrist, knows that I caused it pain when it was not needed.
I realized something tonight, something that caused me to reach a new level of pissed off ness. I entered a new realm of my psyche that I will call:

Hitting a Truck mad.

Hitting a truck with my bare hand is not something I would do normally. When one is in a proper state of mind, they realize that hitting metal (that is to say something stronger than flesh and bone) with something that belongs to you would be a bad thing. If, for example, I was to hit someone else’s head into metal, that would be acceptable. This person could require repeated blows to the head for educational purposes and a metal truck would be more effective. What could cause the need for such a forceful education?
Many reasons. Most of them evolve people treating me like their personal toy/plaything. That or stupid people. I hate them people
I hate them sure enough.
Hitting a truck mad is not something I thought I would attain in this lifetime. I tend to be a more mellow guy. I really don’t let things get to me that much.
Well, I do, I am not a cinder block that is incapable of being effected by anything that is not a sledgehammer going strait for it. I tend to repress my feelings until they can no longer be repressed and erupt into either extreme depression or rage.
A lot like the Hulk actually.
Well, I don’t wear purple pants or knock down buildings. I mostly just tune my radio to some rage filled music and think about life and how I hate a lot of things about it. Like how Tom Green has a career for no real reason. Why the hell do we know who he is? What exactly has he done? Made a movie that was so unfunny that you would rather get deep fat fried rather than be forced to endure the creative vision of someone that has no idea how to make people laugh without making others look like idiots? The world has already had a non-conventional comedian his name was Andy Kaufman. He was way better at it than Tom Green could ever be, and original. Tom Green is just the joker everyone knows in high school that would bring pigs feet to school to get a scream out of some girl. If you support Tom Green, in any form, you are saying yes to all the annoying kids that think looking up dirty words in the dictionary is a good way to spend an evening.
No, I have not done that, stop looking at me.
If Tom Green had any talent at all it wouldn’t be such a painful thing to endure for me. And if his “retirement” post his cancer special send off were genuine I would not hate him so much.
But I have recently seen ads on what little TV I watch regarding the new late night Tom Green show coming to MTV. Tom Green coming back to MTV when they should have let him die from exposure after Drew Barrymore changed medications thus coming to her right mind and dumped his dead animal-humping ass would have been poetic justice.
Tom has made a career out of abusing the people in his life. He has alienated virtually everyone around him, to a point that if you are a friend of Tom Green, you should expect all the crap that he gives you at two in the morning on the back of an Iranian midget giving you a foot rub. At least with Kaufman, some of his friends were in on his jokes, and not all of his victims were truly victims. Tom Green wants to cause as much chaos and pain as he can before the deity realizes something that was declared 4 f slipped on the assembly line.
I hate that we have stores that have names like CVS and BAM and KFC and that’s becoming the trend. Instead of a proper name that lets you in on what is being sold at a particular store, you have to go inside to investigate.

“OH so TJ MAX sells CLOTHES, I was actually looking for a place that sells muffins, and I will be on my way in search of non Muffinsaurus eaten muffins.”

It seems that it would be basic human decency to fill you in on what something sells by the name. It started with Wal-mart and K-mart. What do they sell? Just judging by the names alone?
Well one sells walls that are misspelled (my kinda walls) and the other sells K’s. I suppose you might need a store that sells nothing but the letter K if you were the Count from Sesame Street or something, but walls? Doesn’t that come with the house?
That’s some shoddy construction right there. They should be reported to the authorities not have a store open to correct their mistakes. It’s all to confusing. If they just named Wal-mart- Money grubbing small business killers and K-Mart “Washed up celebrities sell crap here and we are bankrupt”
Better stop before I go more insaner.

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