Friday, July 04, 2003

8:12 AM

Well, its been a while. Working more plus school and actually sorta having a life has prevented Lou Sucks from being updated in a while.
Currently working on my grand statement on religion. I expect your anger emails as soon as I get posted.
Until then.
Happy freedom from the king of England day, I hope all of you eat well, get drunk and blow shit up.
and for this day, I present A True Conversation with Lu and Andy Shaw-

Lu: So, todays the day in which Americans celebrate not having your country as our boss
Lu: i just cant get over the 4 of July
Lu: and all the people that will kill themselves with fireworks and drinking and driving
Andy Shaw: hahaha
Andy Shaw: its for the greater good really
Lu: My dad, being in law enforcement, had to break up a drunken brawl that broke out last night
Lu: But it was a huge group of Mexicans fighting
Andy Shaw: eep
Lu: which begs the question, do they have a right to get drunk on the American day? Or should everyone join in the drunken orgy of keeping Kings out of North America
Andy Shaw: most English people get drunk on St Patricks Day, even those with no Irish relatives, its just an excuse to get drunk really
Lu: At least i have the decency to wear my leprechaun outfit
Andy Shaw: I put on an Irish accent and dye my hair ginger
Lu: excellent
Lu: post 911, every day here has become the 4th though
Lu: flags, and people in red white and blue shirts
Lu: the random beating up of people that are "different" or "talk funny"
Lu: which is weird in the south, not to many people here speak the Queens English
Lu: its more of word with drawl so thick you cant hear it
Andy Shaw: haha
Andy Shaw: they'd probably think I was some sort of upper class queer for the way I speak

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