Tuesday, July 08, 2003

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I believe in this


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I could cheat and write about having writers block. But that’s not what I am suffering.
This little ramble has always been about whatever that pops into my head and me ranting an raving until I pass out and then the computer auto saves the ramble for when I am able to post it, there by letting the Lou Sucks reader a peek into my soul.
Well not my soul, cause that would imply that I assume the readers of this believes in that concept.
I know that some don’t.
Heck, I’m not sure about that one.
I take that back, I believe in something greater than myself. One has to. The names might be changed to reflect the region, but no one really wants to believe there is nothing there.
Yeah, I have not forgotten Atheists.
They, by definition, don’t believe in anything.
But they kinda have to. If not they just assume that the world started when they were born and will end when they die, nothing else in existence matters. They have a belief that does not include a being of a higher power or consciousness. It’s more about life somehow being started (even if it was some sorta accident) and progressing thanks to its desire to continue life. Evolution attempting to perfect life on this planet, altering the life forms on it to live more effectively, an active act of life changing to make itself go on. Not a god, but something that fulfills the same purpose.
But why believe in anything? Why does their have to be a purpose or a reason for existence?
Can’t we just exist and accept that we are here and leave it at that? Something in some of us requires something to be there, some reason, some purpose.
Why must their be fate or something guiding us?
That’s one thing I have never figured out, people saying, “Things are going to get better, just give it time”. What makes anyone believe that something is looking out for us? Even if you believe in a higher power, what makes you think it gives a rat’s ass about us anyway? Its not just believing that some being created everything, its believing that this being cares about us, frets over us, treats us like its favorite pets. Wants praises from us and for us to thank it at sporting events. Start and fight wars in its name, have buildings in its honor, eat certain foods on certain days to please it, perform elaborate ceremonies in order to be allowed to mate without fear of hell or a trip to Dollywood.
While I believe in some higher power, I have a hard time with this “it cares about even the sparrows” carp. If I was some uber being with lots of crazy superpowers, I am not sure I would care all that much about my creations. This planet (if it is the only planet with intelligent life on it) is more like a giant Ant Farm. Look at it when you get bored, keep it out of the sun, and generally let it exist without your interference.
But a lot of people would be extremely disappointed if this lazy ferris wheel approach to religion was true.
In fact, I am pretty sure the Mormons would cry.
They want some rules, some guidelines, something that denies a bunch of their human desires in order to get some big reward after they stop moving under their own power. Fear of death is a good reason for religion to work, unless you have a mental defect everyone is not to pleased with death. For every Hitler it has stopped, there is a Buddy Ebsen that it has forever silenced.
Personally, I believe that all religions have some good in them, that is until people screw them up. People screw everything up, but in matters of faith we do it Broadway style. Shit blowing up, people being declared heathens by people that are more sadistic than they are, big musical numbers with people in costumes and body glitter.
One hell of a show.
But the belief that we should treat others like we would want to be treated and judge not lest we be judged (which are a couple of the big laws in Christian based faiths) seem to be lost on people. Instead of being something to bring people together, religion tends to tear them apart and remind them that others are different. Some people have called me an atheist because of my theories and statements on faith. Bah, I say to them. They try to convince me that theirs is the true way. If it is, pray for me and then their one true god will interfere and save me. I think that I am not causing that much trouble right now, not killing anyone, treating others ok, I am pretty good here thanks.
Even if I am a damned sinner and going to hell like some have claimed at least I am living my life according to MY rules of conduct not some ancient text that tells me one thing one chapter and another thing later on in the book. Which means that an all-powerful being changed its mind.
Who’s to say it hasn’t changed it back?
How do you know your religion is the right one, or the one that is currently being followed is the one on the books which your actions will be weighed against to determine the fate of your infernal soul?
The more you think about it, the more it screws with your mind.
Its like one of those magic eye drawings, if you let yourself go you can see it, think about it to long and you will never see the goddamn sail boat.
Or sometimes you have to alter you beliefs to reflect how you think the world works.

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