Thursday, July 31, 2003

8:47 AM

And now, True Conversations with Lu, the i was working on my novel (no you cant read it) and didnt have time to write a proper update this week

LeMangoDuck: hey
ME: hey
LeMangoDuck: tada, new account
Me: cool
LeMangoDuck: it will be when i get all my prefs back the way they were
LeMangoDuck: did i miss anything in onlineland?
Me: there was this really rich guy
Me: that imed everyone
ME: and offered them money
Me: and i got some, and you didnt
Me: hahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahha
LeMangoDuck: fuck
Me: and i met a famous hot woman and we had the sex
LeMangoDuck: richard simmons?
Me: no
Me: not richard simmons
Me: that chick from wilson philps that had her stomach stapled shut
Me: and shes all hot now
LeMangoDuck: sonofa
Me: yeah
Me: and its never going to happen again!

Zofia Szeretlek: hm?
Me: oh yeah, you know what i am talking about
Me: cause i dont
Me: how are things?
Zofia Szeretlek: *laughs*
Zofia Szeretlek: uh-oh.
Me: i am totally out of my mind
Me: with cant sleepness
Zofia Szeretlek: ohh?
Zofia Szeretlek: aaah :/
Me: i wish i had drugs
Me: and a woman
Me: but mostly the woman
Me: with drugs
Me: and a really cool card
Me: car
Zofia Szeretlek: yeah, a lot of people want of those things.
Me: yeah
Me: but they wouldnt know what to do with them if they had them
Me: they would be all confused, like those guys in werid science
Me: sure we made this hot girl with superpowers, but how does this change our lives?
Zofia Szeretlek: heh :SD
Me: me, i know what i would do
Me: so it does not happen to me
Me: cause i know the score
Me: and the man, he fears a man that knows the score like i fear chrispother walken
Me: or Jeph cause that dude is seriously huge
Me: i bet he eats whole chickens for dinner
Me: yeah, you do that
Zofia Szeretlek: i eat half a chicken for dinner.
Zofia Szeretlek: Adam eats the other half.
Me: wow
Me: that means your a force to be reckoned with
Me: as is adam
Zofia Szeretlek: Yes. I eat a lot of protein. A LOT.
Me: ah
Zofia Szeretlek: Yeah, I can't eat bread etc etc
Me: i bet you can total kick asses

Random “Danger girl” on the internet: agl?
Me: Huh?
“Danger girl”: age?
Me: 22
“Danger girl”: Male or female?
Me: male
Me: And who might you be?
“Danger girl”: Gee your hardheaded, bye bye
Me: ? Hardheaded?
“Danger Girl” : BYE BYE

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