Thursday, August 14, 2003

1:50 PM

American Nightmares

I think I have figured out what is wrong with the country. Trust me, it has nothing to do with the death war mongers currently in charge of the only weapons arsenal that God herself would be concerned about. Yes, this is part of the current state of this nation and how we have let ourselves be pulled far down from where we should be. We are not the United States of American we should be. Something is deeply wrong with us, and the American Dream has been abandoned.
Don’t believe me? Look around you. We don’t even have proper music anymore. There was a time when someone with talent could break into the business based on sheer dumb luck and the fact they were talented enough to be there. Sure, there are some that still do this the old fashioned way of actually earning the recording contract that pays them millions upon millions of dollars for the gifts that go unnoticed in others. But there is something, AMERICAN about making something out of yourself because of your drive and your will and being in the right place at the right time and this turns all your dreams real. Now what do we have? Contests looking for the next famous flash in the pan, and millionaires creating pop groups and singing sensations from the Mickey Mouse club kids all growed up. Professional strippers are now the top female acts in the country. Even those like Xtina, that possess the talent within them that should be the source of their fame, are being manufactured to be appealing to the largest demographic at the price of being taken seriously as a entertainer. We do have some saviors of good taste in music, the White Stripes being my personal favorite, but they can not do anything about bands like Creed that proclaim themselves to be modern day messengers for the Lord. Well, I suppose that the Whites could form an anti-Creed squad and beat them to silliness with trout, but that would be goofy. (PS IF SOMEONE DOES THIS I WILL KISS THEM ON THE MOUTH) Why does Creed exist save to give people something to worship that they can see and touch? Is that the purpose of music? To replace God with sex shows and would be deities that only require the blood of their first-born son and the purchase of a 30 dollar tee shirt? I thought this was supposed to be about music that connects you with others, that makes you part of this wave of human expression. Don’t have your own voice? Fine, connect with a band that mirrors your feelings and share their voice, they are louder and sound better doing it. But no, lets like whatever music the evil Clear Channel super computers decides should be number one. Lets blindly follow MTV and god forbid VH1 into the soulless pop hell they have created to market CDs and apparel.
Even the freaks among us have sold out. Watch late night television and watch the censored naked women commercials and tell me that our sex fiends have become a lot more open about their lives than they should be. When they can sell a videotape that is nothing more than the nude scenes from movies edited together without any of the unnecessary plot nonsense is the day that Hugh Hefner weeps openly on the grave of all the buried silicone breasts of centerfolds. If you are only interested in seeing naked women, why not just buy a Playboy or rent a porno like any other decent American? No, you have to rely on a sex scene from a movie which was put in there to further the plot or just to get people to see this film because of the famous nudity contained within. Putting famous naked people in a movie is but a ploy to get the horn dogs among us to rent a film they could give a fighting mongoose less about. Sure it’s a bit of dirty pool, but it’s good dirty pool. It takes a rental fee and gives you the gift of naked rich people thinking they are furthering their characters depth when they are just proving fast forward and rewind porno to those that are to afraid to rent the real thing. But these tapes that collect these random nude scenes are just wrong somehow. Instead of hunter-gatherers of pre and post celebrity nudity, we have it in a neat little take home package. If you don’t have to watch a crappy film to see this sex scene, does it really have the same worth? I think not. It’s our consumerism showing its ugly head. By some freak of legal action and rights pushed around, the makers of these tapes have destroyed movie magic. Not sure how many souls they sold to the devil to make their vile plan work, but I hope they choke on them.
And late night TV seems to be a resting ground for all things evil and vile in the world. Instead of merely having spray on hair and hot girls that want to talk to you for five bucks a minute, the late night airwaves have become full of men promising to make other men rich. These plans for self-wealth seem to be legitimate when you hear the paid actors testifying to how rich they have become. Then you stop, and you focus past your own greed and the logic comes back to you. You realize that if they were made so rich, why would they be selling it to others? If this plan has made them money-doing things that will be limited once others learn of said plan why share it? Why bother doing commercials for this wonder plan of richness? Why would the rich creator of this plan need to sell it? If I created some way of making myself rich I would keep it close to the cuff and kill all those who dared to ask where my money came from. You never can be too careful in those matters. Kill first, ask questions later.
The last proof that we are beating a death horse with this whole “land of the free” garbage is the many “make your penis bigger” infomercials that have crossed from the Internet into the television land. Ah yes, now all my needs can be met thanks to late night TV. I guess that means my insomnia finally paid off. I can make myself rich, length my manhood, and order cut scene porn all in one fell swoop.
Is this the current state of the place that was set up to keep the king of England out of our faces?
Have we slid so low?
Yes, yes we have.
Better just buy something and not think about it.

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