Saturday, September 06, 2003

12:20 PM

Lou Sucks: The Laptop edition.

Hey Folks, just testing out the new Lou Sucks Central computer, I think I am going to name it...Frank. It’s weird to be typing up something on a new machine. The old one has many good memories, but it is time for this computer that is solely owned by yours truly and an upgrade to boot.

But what rambling to start in on? Something to confuse this computer good perhaps? Some incoherent rant about more aspects of religion that will further alienate me from everyone that I don’t care to be alienated from?

No, that is for another time and two weeks of my take on the concept of God and his or her relationship to man is more than any sane person can take. I cannot put you good people though that, its too much for even my bile filled heart can bare. If not religion, why not politics?
I was listening to the NPR today, and they began talking about the President’s chances for reelection and it seems old Bushy boy might be in trouble.
You can imagine how happy that news made me. But it fits, George Bush JR has no idea what he is doing in the White House and really hasn’t done anything save get this country into two wars and into a huge mountain of debt. And thing is, its just going to get worst on the old boy as time marches on. The little war on terror that promised to be an easy win for Team USA is starting to be shown to even the most die war junkies to be little more than smoke and mirrors.
The true terrorists don’t need a huge war to take them down. They need watch dogs and black ops to keep them in check. The severed head of a loved one in their bed one evening with the Constitution stapled to its neck is all most of these freaks need.
Just a friendly reminder that the US can play dirty to, and we can track everyone of you freaks down easy. Terrorism is fought like it fights. Its not something public and something that the general population can stomach. You don’t fight this sorta thing in a way that gets on CNN, if your doing it right.
Invading Afghanistan and Iraq were just a way to settle old scores while beating the American people across the nose with the fact he was doing something. In a way he had to, the nature of the attack on the United States was so public, the counter attack had to as public not to lose face with the rest of the world. Bush had to prove to every half witted rouge radical group out there that the US was not going to take an attack lying down.
But the fact that Bush was helped in the popularity contest that is this nations politics was just icing. Bush had went from being the moron president that may or may not have been elected by the American people to being the well loved saint that could do no wrong. You could no longer question Bush openly without fear of being called anti-American, or worse, anti-our troops.
It was something out of the McCarthy area. People that spoke out against this with us or against us garbage were being branded peace loving hippies in bed with Sadamn. Bush was above criticism, he was untouchable. It seemed as if his reelection was assured.
Then he cut taxes against the advice of everyone that had any clue about the economy. We were making headway in the national debt. We had a country that was running in the red, but this Texan wanted to screw things up. Here is a man that learned how to run a country at the knee of Roland Regan and Bush the first. From them, he learned the important of rampant spending and never to raise taxes under any circumstances. Bush , the Jimmy Carter of my generation, decided to do both of these seemingly opposing systems of government into something that works like gangbusters for about six months. Because people think they are getting something for nothing. Then the money starts running out and you don’t have any coming in really to replace it.
Then he decides to have a war.
Correction, he decides to use a tragedy as a means to invade Iraq. But we had to invade and take over Iraq , because they were attempting to make and making weapons of mass destruction. And with these weapons Iraq was going to cause mass madness and pain for the American people.
Wait, sorry about that. Turns out the intelligence may have been an out right lie and just what we wanted to fight there. Well, if not an complete lie, just really bad intelligence. Bad intelligence that we went to war over.
So Bush has proven himself either a liar or incompetent. Neither are characteristics that get you voted homecoming queen much less the president of the united states.
But wait, there’s more.
This war that despite what the Prez has said still rages is not going as planned. Our troops are not being welcomed as bringers of peace, they are seen as the invading Great Satan that Sadamn always claimed us to be. Those that don’t want to slit American throats on sight have long since gotten tired of us being there. Did we really think it would be any different?
Those that did are either fools or madmen, neither I would trust to run a country.
They should just look at our own national history and the American Civil War for cues about how an invading army are seen as occupiers by the people they are there to help. People in the south can really hate people from the north. Its an old hate that causes us Southern folk to think “goddamn peckerwood Yankees” whenever someone born above the Mason Dixon Line pisses us off. The north occupied the south and we still hate the north for it. Occupation is not something easily accepted or forgotten. Right now there are huge groups of people in a foreign land that will someday produce generation upon generations of USA hating people that actually have a real reason for said hate.
This added to the irrational hate they have been building up because of our repeated attempts to control their oil and lives, and you have a lethal combination.
A Molotov cocktail upon a powder keg of mass violence.
Its only a matter of time now. The next generation of this war will make it more bloody that we can possibly imagine. Or maybe they will just hate our fucking guts. More and more soldiers are going to die for a reason that makes less and less sense the longer this won war goes on while Sadamn and O’sam’a sit in a cave somewhere holding court with Hitler’s brain in a glass bowl.
I don’t know how this is going to end, but I don’t like where it is going.
And this whole war thing is costing a hell of a lot of money. The oil fields of Iraq are providing about the same inflow of funds as a lemonade stand. The miracle way to have an invading army be funded by the people they are invading, is not working. Fancy that. And now since the US and Britain went into this war without the support of other nations, they are starting to realize its expensive as hell to take over another country and run it like its your own personal club house.
But wait, Bush lowered taxes and he has to support this war with money. So how is this going to work? Bush will have to do something dreaded, cut money from things that the American people can see and touch and redirect it to a war they are increasing feeling is not as honest as they would have belived.
Could the Dixie Chicks and so many peace loving pussies been right?
Is that possible?
Either way, Bush is on a downward sprial. His popularity is decreasing every day and nothing can save the fact that time is his enemy. And the elections are still far enough away, that he can only fall further.
To bad there is not a califate worth a damn to replace him.
Except maybe Hillary Clinton. Yeah, we all think she is an ice queen bitch, but at least she knows how politics works.
And Bill Clinton being the first man is just to funny for words.
I can see Billy Boy in a drunken stupor mooning people on the White House lawn, “I AM BACK IN THE BIG HOUSE WOO HOO!”

Insanity, depravity, my kinda White House.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

1:57 PM

Day Quill Induced Ravings

Well, the Ten Commandments are down in some closet, thank God. And Judge Roy Moore will get elected to be the next governor of this state if the religions freaks have anything to say about it provided he runs. Because he stood up for God, or some such, and the current governor wants to raise taxes to help fund education in this state, which is sadly lacking. We like our children stupid and inbred thank you, no need for that fancy book learning. The lawns here are littered with signs begging people to vote no to higher taxes on rich people and no taxes on poor people in order to have a non-bankrupt system of state government. The tax plan, as I see it, would tax those that make over 40 thousand a year and those that make under, would no longer be taxed. Hmm, that kinda seems fair. Also, it would provide free college tuition to those that make a B or better. Speaking as someone that has student loans up the waazoo, this would be much loved and praised and I might have to give the bastard Governor of Alabama a great big sloppy kiss for that one. Governor Bob Riley, who at best stole the governorship at gunpoint, has never been a favorite of mine but to offer to raise taxes and push it as your plan to save the state from becoming a wasteland of ignorance, takes guts.
Or he is really stupid and no one told him raising taxes is what cost the first Bush the throne. The fact that Riley was also anti-ten commandments will also cost him dearly. He has no chance next election, it’s almost guaranteed. He may have bullied his way into office on the backs of the good old boy network and old-fashioned values, but they both tend to abandon a god-less tax raising heathen.
I don’t understand the no new taxes people.
These are the same people that voted down the state lottery that would have provided educational revenue that is currently going out of state. But God tell certain people that the lottery is a deadly sin that will rob people of the food they put on their plates and cause rivers to boil and people to become pawns of Satan. These people are vocal and do more that just weep and praise giant rocks with words on them. They see to believe that their religion should be everyone’s religion. They rally against the vices of gambling and drink in their homes and stumble out secretly in the night to do the same things they are against. Not all of them mind you, but enough don’t practice what they preach to make their arguments laughable. Or they have a selective following of the bible, “I don’t do that, so that’s a sin, but I really want to do this, so God will allow it”. That’s not the point of a religion, you have to do things you don’t want to do and not do things you want in order to stay in some religions good favor. Don’t agree with it? Fine, don’t claim to follow that religion. Not an attack on religion, just on the hypocrites. And those that want to get rid of choice. If you believe God gave you free will, and that’s a big part of creation, how is preventing the choice to do something that would be against your religion a bad thing? So now that they have prevented the lottery, these same people want to prevent the tax plan that is meant to take its place. I guess they believe their kids are smart enough already.
Hate to break this to the parents of Alabama, but the little bastards are not all that bright.
I deal with kids on a regular basis at the job; they don’t understand how counting works. Children as old as 17 will hand me a wad of sweaty bills and look into my eyes begging me to just take what I need and let them go. These primitives are vaguely aware that the green pieces of paper have some sort of value and that they should present them to get goods and services. They can’t count this money, nor can they figure out that five dollars cannot the world purchase. Small children are understandable, but once you reach the double digits, you should be a little faster on your toes. The world is a dark and foreboding place; it will steal your money and crack you about the head with a large pike at the first sign of weakness. The schools should teach these children to question everything and fend for themselves. How to have an open mind and respect other people and realize that sometimes they don’t get their way. Accept this, and move on.
Instead, the brats figure that if things don’t go their way they can resort to extreme violence. I have personally seen children turn into gibbering Baboons thirsty for blood at even the slightest provocation.
They have not been educated, and they feel that everyone is taking advantage of their stupidity so they strike out randomly instead of learning things on their own.
Violence is the first resort to the small-minded. They smell that they are in danger from pikes to the head, so they are very irrational. Luckily, they mostly go after their own kind, their playmates are their first victims. Like something I read in the paper this week: a ten-year-old boy attacked a seven year old with a wrench. Apparently, the younger child had punctured the tire of the older child’s bicycle and a great argument arose. Well, until the ten year old picked up a wrench and gave the seven year old a good whack with it. Considering the police report says the forehead blow could have been delivered between 6:30 and 8 I am assuming the child was knocked out cold for a long enough period to lose track of time. Either that or they just didn’t care about the kid. The ten year old has a juvenile complaint/pickup order against him now.
They have reared an entire generation of children like that.
They are out there now, sharpening their knives, not a thought in their heads save how to turn the TV on.
Truly, they are a lost cause and should never receive textbooks that don’t refer to the Vietnam War as an ongoing conflict. These children should be air dropped into whatever war zone the US has its eye on and take out the existing government with just their teeth and fingernails.
They don’t need no education, they don’t need no thought control.

Hell, they don’t even know that was a Pink Floyd lyric right there.

Why risk high taxes and hellfire for that lot?
Why care?

To give up on them, and to leave them to their own devices, is not what humanity is about. Its not want this nation is about. We have to take care of everyone, even if it means higher taxes and lotteries.
Children need to have the best education we can give them.
Because we all deal with these maniacs.
They will be breaking into our houses looking for fire and deer meat if we don’t.

I dont have that much ammo. So, if you are in this state, vote yes.
If not, send me weapons and beads for tradeing.
They like shinny blinky things.

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