Saturday, October 11, 2003

6:37 PM

Today the part of LuAllen will be played by Marty Ingles…

Hey kids, how’s tricks?

Sorry about the lack of updates. There has been many things going on at the Lou Sucks compound and they have delayed many things I really need to talk about. I am currently burning the candle at both ends with a blowtorch under the middle of said candle. To many things are going on in the world today, to many topics that I should be writing about, and not enough hours in the week to write about them all. Lets see, we have the White House being revealed to be a nest of unpatriotic Nixon-like criminals. But, you knew that already. This is just the biggest publicly known blunder, and something that can’t be swept under the rug as easily. Whatever comes out, whatever is officially done, they can’t change the facts of this case. A high ranking Bush aide blew the cover of a CIA agent in order to get back at her husband for publicly saying that the weapons of mass destruction that started this war, did not exist and we should have known that. And guess what? The guy apparently knew his stuff, because we, as of late, have not found anything even remotely like our President claimed to know they had. Democrats want an independent probe in to whatever might have occurred to cause a White house aide to go all crazy and revel national secrets to the world.

Lets review a few things about this case, shall we?

In July (which begs the question why it took this long to get into the headlines) columnist Robert Novak reveled the identity A CIA operative who happened to be the wife of former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson. Wilson just so happened to have claimed that Bush’s “Iraq is trying to buy uranium” call to arms was crock just a few days before. Then Bush had to admit that he didn’t have the information to back that up, publicly. That’s a key thing here, Bush had to say that he said something to the American people that he couldn’t confirm with non-forged documents. This made Bush look like more than just an idiot President; it made him look like a lying idiot President. We can’t have that, this President is supposed to be everything that Clinton was not. Truthful, stupid as a sack of lobsters, and someone that has never had a good time in the sack his whole life. Either he lied, or he doesn’t know what he is doing at all and can use the Regan “I am a big goofy goober, I don’t know what’s going on” defense.

Which would be a useful defense in the leak case.

It would protect Georgey Porgy Bush from being directly responsible for people going serious crimes in his name. And, best of all, everyone would believe the Texan.

We all think he is a mildly retarded guy that got elected just because of his father’s name. Even if this were not the case, we still would buy this defense, even though of us that believe that he is staying up late at night with his cronies thinking of ways to get his pals fat government contracts and dismantle the pesky Bill of Rights and other things that give us commoners far to much power for our own good. Thank the Gods for hubris my friends, thank the gods for that.

Bush is in the middle of an “I really do things that are important all day long” kick. He is attempting to persuade everyone that will listen that he is actually President and not just a puppet for vast company interests. He is having aides and cabinet officials tell IPR that he leads discussions and shoots down ideas that he doesn’t like in meetings.

See, here I figured that he just played a Game Boy with head phones in his ears while the grownups talked business. But this means that he is at least there and listening when the deals go down. He might not understand all the words that are being said, but he KNOWS things.

This makes the Regan defense harder to swallow. Regan thought he was playing another part in one of his movies. He didn’t actually think he was the President of anything more that a really cool sound stage. He read his lines, smiled at the right parts, and generally let the people around him run the show.

Incompetence is easier to take from little old men and morons, but the smarter Bush tries to make himself, the harder it will be to let all the scandals disappear like one of his coke lines from the old days.

The Republicans are saying that an independent investigation is not needed. Let the people that work for the President and his gang of thieves see if their boss is doing something wrong.

Yeah, that will work. Odds are some poor fool that did nothing more than get coffee will confess to everything and live a nice little life with plenty of well-hidden kickbacks.

That’s unless they don’t shoot him first.

This is the CIA we are talking about here. They aren’t some push over branch of the government that likes to be used as an element of revenge because someone as replaceable as the President’s feelings was hurt. They are serious people; they topple world governments in favor of dictatorships that are friendlier to “American Interests”. These are not the sort of people that you piss off. They have done the dirty deeds that this country has needed to be done for decades, and they could easily handle situations like this if given the proper time and cover. But a high ranking White House aide being found beaten to death in an alley way cover with crack, multiple forms of drugs in his system and child pornography all over his hard drive, would be something that might just raise a few eyebrows. And then the press that reported such things would die as well, perhaps drowning in a foot of water in a child’s wade pool with their pants around their ankles and wearing the opposite sexes under things. This cycle of killing those that kick you off would continue until everyone in the nation was dead and one lone CIA spook was left to bury the bodies.

The path that awaits us is a dangerous one. The CIA must not be toyed with, they really really hate that. Someone’s head must roll because of this. The bastards in the White House let the mask slip further than intended this time. They let us see to far behind the curtain. The den of rabid gophers rats currently with the reins of power are beginning to be shown for what they are, in terms that the Dixie Chick burners can’t deny. This thing should be properly stapled to the foreheads of all those involved, up to and including the former Governor of Texas. The people that claim that nothing can be done about this, that we can’t figure out who under who’s orders leaked top secret White House eyes only info to the press are the same people that thought that the President getting a blow job from a cubby intern was the worst scandal this side of Watergate.

Someone in the White House blew the cover of a CIA agent because her hubby made the President look bad.

Blowing this cover endangers the lives of scores of contacts the CIA has because the exposed agent’s travel plans can now be backtracked by even the stupidest of fools. Who did she talk to while there? What did she do? These things are easy to find out now.

Whoever did this had to be high up to be given access to top-secret info. Or they should have been high up.

If not, it’s still bad. They don’t know how to protect information in the White House.

Contacts will now know that all it takes for them to be exposed to death and or imprisonment is the whim of the White House. They will stay quiet.

Bush was the one that was going to bring honor back to the White House. I would say, he has failed with that. With a great margin.

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