Saturday, November 22, 2003

1:59 PM

Paris Hilton: Sexvid RELOADED
(that will get them in here)

I hate that the updates on this site have not been that regular. I have been fighting off a cold and have been busy beyond measure. And Roy Moore has been fired, but he is threatening to make a McDouglass like return. As governor, no doubt. I fear for all the Alabamians, but then again, I did that anyway.
There is much wrong with the world today, much of it has to do with people not being rational. They refuse to see anyone’s point of view but their own, and this causes massive amounts of harm to this world. Lets make a list, of all those people that are causing me to scream at the top of my lungs at the neighboring cows:

- religious zealots. Of the home grown Christian bible thumpers and the mass killers variety.
- violent fucking redneck assholes
- those that think that everything in the world should go their way, as if there is some master plan in the universe looking out for them. Bad things happen to good people, get over it.
-people that infect others with their sicknesses and think that saying they are sorry makes it all better. No, it doesn’t. It makes me think of ways to inflict some exotic infection from the tropics on them, even at the cost of my own personal health. You are out there, you know who you are. I am coming for you with infectious death!
- George Bush, and all those that still support him and what he has done to this country. Even if he is a figure head, he is responsible for a debt that will out live my grandchildren, the unlawful invasion of a forgien country (run by a bastard mind you) and not knowing how to be anything but a bully in his foreign policy.

There are others, with names that I wouldn’t mind listing along with addresses, but I am not in a vengeful mood, (ie AIM me @ niteo58501 and if you want to find out if your on the list). I don’t want to merely rant about the world at large, I want to change things for the better. There must be some easy solution that people have not thought of yet that would fix things. Lets look at what the media is focusing on, shall we? Subtract the violence and senseless murders that all news casts focus on. What is the only other things they focus on?
Currently, the sex talk is drifting towards the Paris Hilton sex tape. Thank god Fox News is taking the moral high ground and condemn the release of this private tape (while showing stills from the tape with tasteful nipple covers) of an extremely rich girl having sex with a man that is famous mostly for who he dates. Richard Saloman, estranged husband of Shannon Doherty, managed to get both her and Paris Hilton. The lucky bastard seems to think that falling in to that high quality well, lets just call them sternly tempered females, is not enough. Somehow one of the apparently many tapes of the Hilton heiress and him making the beast with two backs got out. Richard was shocked and outraged, in a manner that seemed to be a little to calm for his own good, and the Hilton lawyer machine was turned on full blast. Now Paris is not really famous for much more than who her daddy is and what a wild party girl she is. But the way these lawyers spin it, she was an innocent naive girl that despite saying high to the camera and posing for it, was not aware that she was being filmed. To many people are focusing on it and the net is a wash with offers of free downloadable copies of the tapes in various forms. Why is this so important?
Why do we care that someone that was stupid enough allow themselves to be video taped on night vision camera equipment knowing full well, even at 19, that this tape and her presence on this tape was something that people would want to see.
One answer for you.
Aw yes, the subject of the very first Lou Sucks is once again making a come back on this site. Boobs, and by an extension sex, is something that makes the whole world go round. And the people that I listed earlier? They are all people that have problems with boobs. Either they live in a society that has restricted access to boobs, or they have denied their own sexuality. Or, in the case of red necks, they don’t know how to control their sexual impulses enough to grant them access to tits. I think that boobs could very well cause world peace if managed correctly. I am not being pro Girls Gone Wild or anything, but I think that some people just need to come to grips with their sexuality. Being hung up with sex or lack there of causes badness. Porn addicts and Jesus Freaks/ all other religions psychos have that in common. When you can’t express yourself sexually in a heathy, let me repeat that, HEATHY manner, that energy has to get out somehow. Sometimes, these people just at funny and try to repress others so the whole world can be as un fun as them, others kill people. Think back to the leaders of this country, Reagan caused a lot of problems and committed a lot of sins, Bush One threw up on world leaders and the economy suffered, Clinton got a blow job from an intern, the economy did well, Bush DEUCE started a war that didn’t have to happen on false pretenses and the economy suffered. The world is focused on death and destruction, and then a little video of a rich for no real reason girl having sex comes to pass, and there is a lull in the death reporting.
Perhaps, if we all just accepted that everyone has sex and that is something that does not really deserve all the attention and fuss that people give to it the world would be a better place.
For you.
And more importantly, for me.
Cause I am very close to a nervous breakdown, seriously.

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