Sunday, November 30, 2003

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Classified Jungle

I don’t like my current job all that much. That should be no surprise to anyone that knows me. The pay is a joke, the people are barely homo sapiens and the hours are nil. So I have become a lurker in the local classified section of the newspaper. And what people try to pawn off on others is absolutely hilarious.

Used Once DOME TENT 11xB
$35 FIRM

Alright, why would one need a tent only once? Perhaps the terrors of camping was to much for this person. Something happened in the woods that night, something that put the fear into this would be Paul Bunyan. What could this unspoken terror of nighttime woods going be? Who’s life was lost in the fury that was unleashed that night? We might never know, well, until I phone up this person and ask them. Fun fact: people love being called at 2:30 in the morning and asked about murders.

There are also an alarming amount of people that want to get rid of wheelchairs and old people scooters. You can reason from the wording of these adds that the original owner of these motorized marvels has not gotten better. They have moved to a place where modern mobile making equipment has ceased to have a meaning.

Electric Wheelchair By Scooter used very little and A Jazzy 1113 Pride Electric never been used

Yeah the intended user of these items, is either no longer with us, or has been healed by a force stronger and stranger than modern medicine.

Another ad:
Rascal Power Scooter 2 years old used approx 20 minutes Sell as is, powerlift included.

The fact this scooter was only used for 20 minutes is sobering. What would cause it to only be used for that short amount of time? Personally, I think that the scooter might have been put in the hands of someone that could not control the awesome power of the thing. Or the scooter was to little to late for the user that received it.
And this is just sad:

Wedding Dress: Worn once and vacuum sealed fits woman 115 lbs to 130 lbs.

Alright, a wedding dress is a thing of beauty on whatever woman that wears it. Its not just the dress itself but the meaning behind said dress. Its something that you don’t sell in the newspaper for half of what you paid for it. Its something to keep forever, or at least until the marriage falls apart. Of course the marriage dress is something that is only worn once and then put away. That’s the point of the thing. You spend a ton of money on a piece of fabric that you only wear once for the right to look beautiful in your mind forever. Its something you don’t sell without serious reservations. This is a cursed dress then. The marriage that it was originally apart of failed somehow. Something happened that caused this marriage to fall apart and the dress has been sold off for spare change. Sure it’s a bargain but it’s a funky dunky bargain.
That’s what all these deals are really. The things they are selling are broken in some way or another. Not necessarily the items themselves, but the things they were used for, what they represent. They have lost something that gave these items meaning to the person that used it. Its sad and funny at the same time.

Many thanks to the wonderful and talented Heather D. for the new look, she is amazingly awesome.

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