Wednesday, December 17, 2003

1:40 AM

Well, they caught the most dangerous person in the known universe.
No, not Osma Bin Laden.
And by known universe, I am not over reaching and using terms for effect. Human beings know very little about the universe beyond the strict confines of this planet. Sure science has told us that the universe has a long and strict history of following rules that it made up, but that can not be for certain. How do we know things are as science tells us it is? Not to long ago (relatively speaking) the science of the time informed humanity that the mud ball we call Earth was the center of the universe and more to the point, the world was flat. This was of course to keep people from traveling to far from home for fear of falling off the edge of the world and there by preventing people from forming more societies than has already been created and thus making history books much longer than they already are and the amount of extra library space needed would cause the human race to begin space colonization much earlier to get more room for the books(which would cause even more history and therefore more books so its best that people just stay at home for as long a time as possible for the sake of unborn librarians). Beings of various names and powers created this world, and they all were the real being that created it and all the other beings that other people believed in were wrong and their believers should be killed. By this note, belief ,in and of itself, must be questioned and what is science other than a different name for the nature of god?
Therefore all science is flawed and all belief structures are flawed and you have to come to your own set of answers to whatever questions your looking for. Whatever works for one person, might not work for the next person, and so on. None are right, yet everyone is.
My ultimate point is, you can be certain of nothing except the contents of your own skull, and those contents can be based on faulty logic. If your teachers are madmen and fools then you to are a madman and a fool and therefore, your world must be based on things that aren’t true. But, then again they are things that are true from your perspective and your point of view, does this make these things any less true?
Just because they are wrong does not mean that they are lies. They could be the truth that is based on the lie that is true to someone as long as they don’t think about it. Much like when a cartoon character continues to run on thin air believing that solid ground is under them. The perception of truth is greater than the truth itself unless they are confronted with cold facts, i.e. look down.
What I believe with the utmost of my being, could be considered utter rubbish by someone that has the potential to be as intelligence and sane as I am. Our view of the world could just be based on different belief structures. Does this mean that I am wrong? And my fellow is right?
How can you say either is for certain?
It only matters when the effect of something has been proven different from what someone believes. There was a time that medical science thought that bleeding someone would heal them. Returning the body to its natural state or removing toxic things from the body. Their beliefs followed what they thought the body did, but this was based on logic that was not correct. Belief does not follow rules that we may or may not know about. When someone removes large amounts of life fluid (lets just call it “blood”) from a person or being that has a circulation system this results in this person or being stop with the continuing to process thought or go after food and DVDs (lets just call this “life”). That was a rule these learned men didn’t know about, and it cause a large amount of people to die. But would they have died anyway do to something else? And perhaps their dying saved the lives of people that would have been killed by them or not advanced thanks to them remaining in their position of power and there by increasing the likely hood of death in one of the lower classes because no one cares about them anyway?
Who’s to say.
Just because something appears to be so, does not mean that it is.
Just because something say, the capture of Sadamn Hussein happens, it doesn’t mean that the war in Iraq was right or justified or will end anytime soon.
And it doesn’t many that Bush 2 is right and that we can go around causing wars based on imaginary means and not get our assess kicked in by someone more powerful does not mean we are right either. Bush has lied to us, about everything from WMD to who made that “Mission Accomplished” banner for that propaganda speech on an aircraft carrier. People are still in danger, a war that shouldn’t have happened, happened.
Don’t forget that and vote accordingly.

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