Friday, January 09, 2004

10:53 PM

Well, it’s the end of the week and still not an update to be seen from me. Not like any of you are checking this site on a daily basis anyway. I used to update this thing daily, and this semester that plan has fallen to the way side. I blame sunspots and global warming, but I apologize, none the less. Now, to the big news, Lou Sucks is getting a new format to work with the new look. The typical Lou Sucks rants will become a bi-weekly thing, Monday and Fridays. Thursday will be comic book related reviews, Tuesday movie reviews.
Wednesdays will be whatever I feel like talking about at the time. Could be books, could be something not books. But the smart money would be on books.

Lets see how long it takes me to break that little self imposed rule.

Movies are really starting to tick me off. Not all movies, but movies that you can tell from the ads themselves they were designed to get a certain part of the population into the seats. The is no better time to see this in action than January. This is when the red headed step children of movies that are released Christmas day or set to be released in February in time for the Valentines Date movie rush. Movies that were barely green lit thanks to some movie executive getting caught drunk or high with the half assed script that sounds really brilliant at the time, but not so much when your sober. Wait, cancel that, its not just movies that tick me off, its anything that is geared towards a certain group and its so blatantly obvious that it just makes you sick. Anything that has a hip hop feel to it while having nothing to do with either hip or hop is just sad. When they take a movie, TV show, or product and attempt to funkyfie it the first example that come to mind is the Pringles ad where they are rapping about the life affirming qualities of Pringles brand chips in a can. Not that I am saying Pringles lack hard core street cred, but does rapping really sell more chips?
More to the point, don’t most people know what Pringles, and for that matter, all other established food stuffs taste like?
I can understand needing an ad for Fudge Covered Oreos, or something else that was just thought up to make a sugar addicted nation even fatter, why bother having ads for it at all? Aren’t people pretty much set in their ways and know what all the old products taste like?
If they feel in the mood for something, they will get it or try it cause it looks neat, not base all decisions on a lame ad campaign. For example, I have watched, with rapt interest, every Victoria’s Secret Add I can get a hold of. And , as of yet, have not bought a single panty. Just because an ad is interesting or funny, does not a new customer make. Only if someone is a complete moron would they base all their decisions on the commercials they watch.
Which is the sad thing.
We do this crap all the time. By we, I do not imply you my readers. You and I are not them. We are a rarer breed that will band together and see that the vileness that is Bush 2 does not live on to corrupt the world for another four years. You can not be bought and sold like that right? You wont watch a movie or buy a soft drink based on a catchy ad campaign , let alone vote for someone based on what they claim are victories. Your going to do your research and vote for someone that will make the world a better place for Americans and the rest of the planet. Right?
You will remember things like the Patriot Act and the fact that the Vice Satan’s old company is getting all that wonderful oil money from the 51st state, right? You will remember the lies and the with us or against us speech. You will remember that the world is starting to see us a bully with former allies getting more and more nervous to be around us.

You will remember how we used to have a surplus and now have a deficit that my unborn children will have to pay. You will remember that even though they claim that they will not restart the draft, they need thousands upon thousands of troops to go on these raids around the world to make the US “safer” in other words settle old scores and raid the natural resources of other countries.
But, we must remember that old line, the masses are asses.
Just because they didn’t vote for him as President the last time, doesn’t mean that they wont deny him being actually elected this time.
Some might be blinded by the glare of his lies or might feel that voting against a President in the middle of a war on many fronts against people that used to be our allies, is a bad thing. If you have to hold their hand and tell them that they could save the world just by voting no to Bush, by all means tell them that. It’s the truth.
If that does not convince them, point them to or anything Michael Moore has written.
Maybe even this webspace. ::cough::
Anything that will smarten them up, and prevent this country from becoming more like the thing we pretend to be fighting against.
Look in to the face of a child and wonder what kind of world will we be giving them.
If your like me, you might have to look past the fact that you hate kids. It might take a moment.
Or, just think about something you like. Something that you would not want to see destroyed and lost forever. Think about the last movie you saw that disturbed you as much as it touched you.
Think about all the things that will go away once the ultra conservatives get their way and all voices are silenced but their own.
Think about big business only getting bigger and the little guy losing all his rights.
Talk to whoever you know. Submit letters to the editor.
Hell, if all else fails, bake a cake with W’s face on it, lace it with laxatives and let the subconsciousness of all that dine on it do the rest of the work.
Do something, so I can write about something else, please?

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