Friday, February 06, 2004

1:45 PM

Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich

Its raining.
The sky has been attempting to start the next great flood for the last ten hours or so. A steady stream of sky juice attempting to wash clean all the filth that tends to be made by man. “I did it once,” it figures, “I can do it again”.
The water flows down, over the saints and the sinners alike, over nice homes and flea infested crystal meth labs, and nothing is cleaned. H2O alone can’t solve this. All it can do is make everything wet, and being wet does not mean that you are clean. The sky continues to drown the earth, and the earth just soaks up the water and grows beings that pollute the sky. We are all caught up in a war and we don’t even know it, sky hates ground, up hates down.
That’s how the world works.
Like right now, all I want from the local government is for it to refrain from killing me. But the evil monkey, it plans. I can think of at least two ongoing attempts on my life that are near fruition. I don’t know what I did to deserve this special treatment, this site is not really read by that many people, and at least one that reads it thinks that I am an ultra liberal that should burn in hell ( hi mom!), so I think I can safely assume it not because of anything I have written.
Thats not saying I haven’t tried.
My columns tend to be more rant based. An idiot screaming into the darkest recesses of the internet, lacking the talent of self promotion or self motivation to make this into something bigger that what it is. I write because what I am thinking needs to be heard outside my own head, for my own mental health. All this rage and bile will fill my mind so completely that I would be able to form a complete thought, let alone function sane enough to keep my shoe laces.
I don’t claim to know things others don’t. I don’t want to seem like a know it all bastard. I am perfectly able to listen to whatever cock and bull story someone feed you and roll my eyes accordingly.
You think that gay marriage is a front to your way of life and will cause the end of the civilized world? Go on thinking that way you closed minded little zealot. Let W define what a marriage is based on his personal beliefs, and when his beliefs don’t go along with what you believe in, watch how many come to your aid. And believe me, it will come down to that. Take a good look at Christianity friend, how many different churches are there? Church of God, Church of Christ, Catholic (and yes, they count), Baptists, and on and on until you can’t believe they all use the same basic belief structure. Do these churches just like having different names? Do the like being spilt up versions of same song and dance? No, each believes the same thing with different rules. They all have different interpretations of the Word. How can this be? If the word is truth and vice versa, that doesn’t make sense.
It must be the people that run the churches then.
Sometime, long ago, things changed. This one church spilt, those protesting the Catholic Church became something else. Then more of them spilt off, and more. The rules for each verison being slightly different from one to the other.
Were the differences so huge? Well some of these churches feel that the others are going to hell. Not because they don’t believe, but because they don’t believe the right way. Everyone knows that Jesus is really particular about the paperwork. It has to be just so for the eternal mercy of the lord to shine down upon you. My question for those that say that marriage needs to be protected, because it is holy to your religion, whose region are we going to use?
You cant just say Christian, because that has many different sub levels to it. You have to define the region that you have chosen to be the state religion for use in marriages. All those wanting to get married, have to convert for the marriage to be legal and binding. I am assuming that this reunification of church and state will be based on Bush’s religion, since he started this and you support him. And to make this a clean break for all, lets just call this “Bush Christianity”.
Right then, and our new religion needs a new head for all churches of the Holy Marriages, why not just go with Bush again? Make him the head of the republic AND the religion. That worked out so very well for all those kings in Europe. And if churches become part of the state, that means that they have to be Federally funded and regulated. Also, if a woman does not have an intact hymen, sorry, she can’t get married. Well, at least not wearing white. Perhaps a nice red for the whole, whore of Babylon look? Oh and if your husband beats you, cheats on your or anything else, you just have to grin and bear it, all part of being a wife.
You think that wont happen right?
If we break down the laws that protect against the state from dictating morality we weaken our protections from belief structures we don’t agree with. Personally, I find it well within my religion to burn every Left Behind book I see. But I don’t, because that would be against the rights of Christians that like to be spoon fed religion from novels written by fools and lyrics by Creed. Just think what would happen if I ran the country like Bush is. Using the lives of our armies as a means to settle old scores and threatening Constitutional Amendments to protect those that are terrified by another man’s penis so much that they think that an entire group is morally corrupt. If we allow one person to get elected to an office and then steer the world how he sees fit, we will have a world that is no longer suitable for anyone.
We are not perfect, and if we have laws that dictate a religion’s views on something that has nothing to do with religions at all, but a civil thing, we are tiptoeing blind folded into a mine field.
Its just a matter of time before we get our goddam feet blown off.
This nation, founded by great men that felt that church and state should not be the same thing, still has to deal with being populated largely by the descendants of puritans. We tend to freak out over the little things, and completely ignore the elephant on the front porch. This Sunday, the breast of Janet Jackson was thrust upon an unsuspecting world. Sure it was a breast forced into a bodice of latex and it wasn’t presented in the most alluring fashion, but you would think that someone was murdered on live television.
Correction, I think that a live murder would have been carried all to willingly by all the networks. They show tapes of people dying on tv all the time. Or people being hurt in humorous ways to appeal to the tastes of the masses.
Pain and death are fine, they show that life can end at anytime and you better pray your heart out before you go, besides, they must have deserved it. Why are we caring so much about a body part? In other countries they have nudes in newspapers. But there is something important about hanging on to stupid outdated morality. Men can be topless, women can’t. This is one of the building blocks of society. Breasts lead to dirty thoughts and that can not do.
Everything leads to dirty thoughts. Everyone has different fetishes, some peoples are more obvious others less so. Some people are attracted to women wearing glasses or people with a certain hair collars. Should they be something we are concerned about as well?
Why have such big deal for something like this?
Maybe its just the power station I live under, slowly rotting my brain away or turning me into some sort mutant, but I think there is something very wrong here. And I think I am not the only one that thinks that. I understand people with kids not wanting them to see sex live and on TV during the Super Bowl. But come on, when you heard who was doing the half time show, what did you think was going to happen?
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson sell their mommy/ daddy parts as much as they sell their music.
Calm down all of you. Think about what your freaking out about. People getting legal protection for a relationship and some womans breast.
Its not the end of the world.
W getting a second term is the end of the world.

Vote Kerry.

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