Friday, February 27, 2004

11:43 PM

I got yer update right here......
I am tired. Thanks to The Passion of Christ, I have been working near 10 hour shifts the past few days. Dealing with people that have just came off the mountain for the first time this century is causing me to run low on patience. I will try to save up all my rage on that subject until I get the chance to actually see the movie, but so far the viewers are just barely keeping me from going on a rampage.
Just barely.
We have sold out all our seats for this film for the next couple of days and people don?t understand what the words ?sold out? mean. Let me make something that should have been made clear to them when they were sucking on paint chips and lead pipes, when something is sold out, that means that you can?t sit down and see the movie. There is no more room at the inn to use terms they might understand.
Surprisingly, this is not the biggest thing to piss me off this week. No, this thing has nothing to do with the movie theater, this has to do with why I must flee this state as soon as I get my degree at the end of the summer. This is about me being able to see into the future, and not like what I see. I see a future where Judge Roy Moore is elected either Governor or to the Senate for Alabama and there will be pits of fire in the land and there will be much bashing in of the heads of the liberals. There will be a second coming of someone just as bad as George Wallace, he of the standing in the school house door fame. Everything that is right with the world will be gone and little old ladies will be flung down stairs for being witches. I see a land where those without the required religion are hung from light poles and book burnings will become the norm.
Its coming, trust me.
This week, our current governor, Bob Riley of the super horsemen camp that has come to clean up Alabama by cutting education and every state offering except for all the pork in the budgets, decided to combine two state holidays into one. This , and the fact that he spoke against Roy Moore Ten Commandments Monument, will cause him to never be reelected to the Governorship of Alabama. In normal states, where people think for themselves and there is much smarter and well behaved population, this would not be something that would cost you an election. Combining two holidays that pretty much do the same thing would not be something that people would come out in mass to vote you out of office and the state itself if they could arrange it.
But Riley fucked with the wrong holiday.
Riley is trying to cut down the state holidays in order to save money. Less state paid holidays= more productive state. Or so he thinks. Riley wants to combine Confederate Memorial Day and Jefferson Davis?s Birthday into one holiday.
And this is Alabama, the cradle of that huge mistake that was the ?lost cause?. You don?t mess with Confederate stuff in this state if you want to keep your job. There are people that are still pissed we don?t fly the Confederate Battle Flag over the state capital. One of the reasons that Jim Folsom was voted out of office was this decision. There is something that you might not know about the south unless you live here, we really aren?t over the Civil War down here at all.
For example, have y?all yankees, heard of the holiday known as King/Lee day?
See, for you there is a holiday that is known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. For us this day is combined with an earlier celebrated holiday in the south, General Robert E Lee?s birthday.
Yes, that?s a confederate General that happens to be the one that surrendered to Grant at Appamaddox. People had to have a holiday they could get outta work for that didn?t have anything to do with Dr. King. I am not even going to touch how racist that sounds.
No I am not.

Like hell I ain?t.

The fact that we have holidays celebrating Jefferson Davis, the one and only president of the Confederate States of America, and Robert E Lee is just fucking retarded.
Its enough that every redneck in the Southland has the Rebel Flag on their Pick up and even (I swear to god) signs advertising business. We don?t need the state to help with this ?south will rise again? bullshit. Memorial Day started out as a Southern Holiday. A day to pick up the graves of those that died in the Civil War.
Then it turned into a national holiday, which is a good idea. Cleaning up the graves, and remembering the dead, is something that we should all do. It has two positive results. One, it reduces eye sores and helps the dead people feel better about themselves. They are dead already, they don?t need a nasty place to sleep on top of it. Also it makes the people that are cleaning up the graves think about how much war can do to people. They can save the world, or cause the endless death of innocents and not so innocents. But thats enough, you don?t need a special South only holiday for grave cleaning.
Bill Riley just happens to do one smart thing in his entire term in office, and this will cost him the throne. People will vote him out of office for daring to do something that would make since to Yankees. And thats something we can?t allow. We hate the Yankees and everything about them. Its an unofficial Southern Law that you have to do things and support things that Yankees can?t begin to understand because that means we are being true to our roots.
I don?t belong here, I swear to god.

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