Friday, March 12, 2004

10:38 AM

Someone is talking outside of school....

I got a letter today, FROM CONGRESS.
That alone should make anyone scared. Well, scared until you realize that its possible that this is only an election year ploy to get my vote, but I take this as a thinly veiled attempt to threaten me into going along with the status quo. Lets tear this little propaganda apart shall we?
First off, the letter comes in an envelope with pictures of missing kids on it. This is an obvious threat. “I made little children disappear, as I can make you.” The inside of the letter is far more pandering in its threats, it states the candidates name and lists all the committees that he is in. Like that means something to me. Perhaps if he talked about what he does in each of these little social club sounding things, I might be in awe of his vast political powers and prowess, but with just the names I find myself cold to it.
Things this guy is a part of and what I think they are:

Committee on Appropriations- He decides what goes where in the House of Reps. He made the grand decision to put the chairs UNDER the desks. Without him, the world just wouldn’t work.
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence - What the hell? A boy from Alabama is making decisions about Intelligence? Of the Nation?
Ranking Member. Technical and Tactical Intelligence, Terrorism and Homeland Security, Human Intelligence ( like we are going to worrying about dog intelligence or what the squirrels are really up to) , Analysis and Counterintelligence.- this, alone proves that they are after me. I have been declared an Enemy Combatant by this nation and its only a matter of time before I am imprisoned without council and sent to someplace in Cuba. Why the hell else would someone that has that much crap on his plate send something to me, a lowly blog writer? Why would such a high ranking man about town be interested in a guy like me unless its to kill me dead?
Next he included a small picture of the Capital Dome where he works, like he is bragging that his job is so much cooler than mine. Which might be true, I don’t remember the last time I was asked anything about security or who we should bomb and why we should or shouldn’t do that. But he doesn’t have to be all smart assed about it. Besides, the American capital doesn’t have a lick of American building style in it. Its all faux Roman and lacks anything that is uniquely American.

He starts the letter with my address, thus assuming that I don’t know where I live and might need his help in finding my house. Point negative for him. He states that he wants to let me know about issues in Congress that effects me, the lowly citizen. This should be good, what he thinks effects me and what really effects me should be so dissimilar as to prove that the people in charge have no idea whats really going on. He goes out on a limb and says that he wants to bring jobs to North Alabama. Like he was going to say anything different. Jobs is something that most people would view as a good thing, and bringing them to an area is really something that everyone in that area can agree with. Its not like he said he was planning on bringing more wombats to North Alabama, or something equally inane. Now that would be an interesting sell to the people of Alabama, because why would one need more wombats? The current lack of the bat of wom has not affected me thus far and I can see no good that could come from the sudden introduction of a new species into this area. Perhaps they can change flat tires for stranded motorists? Should be a simple matter of training, wombats are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom and could easily acquire new skills. But this man cares little about the noble wombat. He just goes on and on about how he will bring low paying or low skill jobs to this area. The kind of jobs that would keep the people of Lawrence County in line and stupid, like he wants us.

He then tells me how much safer he has made me in his tenure. How much money he has given the Sheriffs office. Thats rich, the people that harass me for being a long haired hippy are big buds of this guy. Fantastic.

He then talks about Bankhead Forest and how he plans on exploiting its natural beauty to give a handful of red necks jobs.

And finally he tells me how he is protecting the Pledge of Allegiance and my right to say “under god” in it. This truly shows how much he has judged what is important to me. I don’t care what kids say when they are being brainwashed into thinking what makes a true citizen of this country, thank you. I only care that we are raising a generation of kids that has no idea what being a true American is. They don’t question anything, they don’t think for themselves, they don’t think about what is really going on, not just blindly accept what is spoon fed to them. They don’t care that right now, the FCC is deciding what is decent and what you can and can’t listen to. They don’t care that because of perhaps his political views Howard Stern might be silenced, if even for a little while. They don’t see what sorta vaguely evil empire is being set up around us. With the conservatives deciding who is patriotic, and who is not. Their choices are being taken away, bit by bit, and they fail to see it.

This angers me.

It angers me that things in the world are going to hell and the Bush War Machine is only interested in making things worst. It angers me that in the name of a War on Terror, the things that make us Americans are being shifted and changed into something that makes us not Americans, but fascists.
Some are starting to think that there is only the American way and me must impose our will on the world and thus making it a better, safer place.

This, is wrong.

The world is only safer when many points of view are listen to, not agreed with, but listened to. If we continue to go as we have gone, and follow the Pied Piper of Big Oil merrily into hell, things will get worst. Right now, out there, the world at large is starting to hate us, to resent us. Terrorists the world over are using Iraq as a recruitment tool. Americans are going to be hated for decades because of what Baby Doc Bush has started.
But does this Bud Cramer of Congress talk to me about this?

No, not only does he not have a proper name, Bud being something you call a guy when you can’t remember his name, he has no idea whats important to ME. I am going to have to fix this, he sent me once piece of mail, I shall send him a lot more than that.
I wonder if he would pay for the postage?
Because his form letter to me was paid for by the taxpayers, its only fair, me thinks.

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