Friday, April 23, 2004

11:15 AM

Whats wrong with Superman and why the Passion of the Christ is part of it.

People around me are being obsessed with Superman. A lot of it has to do with Smallville, the WB show of the life of a pre-Superman Clark Kent. And I just don’t understand it. The most interesting thing on that damn show , not counting the fact that the girls are unrealistically hot, is Lex Luthor. Luthor is the best villain Superman has to offer, which isnt saying much, and on this show they bring back the Golden Age Concept of Lex and Superman being friends before they became the men they were meant to be. (Stick with me on this if you don’t know what the terms “Golden Age” means, I have a point here non comic fans will get) Smallville also has an unhealthy obsession with Kryptonite. The green glowing rocks that induce Stephen Halking like parlisysis in Superman, happen to be all over the Kansas countryside. These rocks do far more than turn Superman into a Super Pussy, they also give you superpowers. Different powers to different people despite the fact that if something could give humans powers it would give them all the same powers. A spider bite made Peter Parker Spider-man, its far out there but you can accept it, if that same spider bit someone else and they became Puffin Man, you start to question this fictional logic way to much. And sometimes bring the dead back to life for no apparent reason. Just cause it was around a dead person and wanted to cause a new adventure for Clark. And sometimes still making tech work better. Also there is a verison of Kryptonite that is red that makes Clark Kent into a bad boy. This is again an old concept, there are different colors of K-rock and they all do a different form of the wacky. Some effect plants, others people and Gold Kryptonite can forever delete Supermans powers.
This is the corny kinda shit that makes me fucking hate goddamn Superman.
Kryptonite is not a cause all for Superman’s problems. Its this crap that weakens him to our level and weaker, something that can be used as a clean power source and gives normal people cancer if they are around it to much. It shouldn’t be used every week to give Clark Kent a new adventure.
Mainly cuse Clark shouldn’t be having adventures at this age, there is enough going on in his life. This is a boy that is finding out that he is not only adopted, and becoming a man, but also becoming a god. Imagine finding out you can’t be hurt, you can’t get sick, you don’t have to eat anymore, you are faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. What would you do with your powers? Hide them? Make a profit off them?
Would you wait until either the death of your uncle or parents gave you a reason to protect others?
Clark Kent was raised better than that. The Kents put this unwavering morality into him. A trust in the basic goodness of people. Clark thinks that people need help, sure, but every human life is precious and everyone can be saved, if they just let it happen. Clark doesn’t want to rule humanity, he just wants to fight for it. He wants everyone to be safe, not because something scared him into doing good with his abilities, but because it’s the right thing to do. He is the ultimate boy scout, fighting for truth, justice and the American Way. He doesn’t get involved with governments or attempts to solve world disease or hunger. These are things that humanity has to deal with on its own. It hurts him to see the suffering of others, but he knows that even he cant fight all evils. He will fight the people with powers that use them in a manner he does not approve of. He will stop natural disasters to prevent unnesscary loss of life. He seldom strikes out in anger, and does not believe in revenge. Yeah this makes Superman not only annoyingly goody two shoes and extremely hard to write, but it’s the only way this character works. You make him to dark, he stops being Superman, you make him to light he becomes a joke.

Isnt that enough of a plot line for these people?

Also, they get to play up the fact that Clark Kent doesn’t exist yet. In high school, Superman was popular and athletic. He was the home town hero.
Hell he didnt even wear glasses.
Its only later that Superman starts acting like a goof when he is Clark. At that moment he stops being Clark Kent and starts being Superman. Kent is how he hides with humanity. How he can be himself when he is Superman and no one can put it together. People from Smallville can figure out that Clark is Superman easy. Lana Lane figures it out way early. He wasn’t hiding then. People were saved all the time by something that moved really fast. Clark did extraordinary things in High School before he realized he should be hiding.
Who is Superman like?

Think about it before you yell at me. He was sent here from another planet, sent to save us, why? Because he loves humanity. He believes in humanity. He inspires others to save lives as well. He has died and has been reborn, all those that cry out to him in an hour of need shall be saved.

Superman IS a Jesus Christ figure. You cant deny that. But its really hard to feel sorry for a god, unless you show him suffering for us, the people he wants to save.
But how do you hurt him?
His human wife and human friends?
The thing is to show problems that are bigger than him, bigger than even someone with his level of power.
Something that he cant change, someone he can’t save.

Yeah, Superman needs a Passion moment.
And I could totally write the hell outta it.

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