Thursday, May 20, 2004

8:20 PM

Been a while.

Not my fault in a sense that I meant to do this, but it is my fault in a sense that I have not made the time to make with the updates.
Personally, I blame Donald Rumsfield. Watching him getting grilled in a “justify your existence” manner is something that I look on with great joy. It was like a personal candy gram to me. Something that I look back on as one of the most joy inducing moments of my life, right up there with that time that thing happened and it was not one of the most embarrassing things to happen to a being of human stature since we thought up pants to cover our naked pink asses. Like that time I set my hair on fire, or that one time I accidently groped a friend of mine.
That’s all I look for in a good time, a lack of humorous shame stories that go along with it.
So far, there have not been enough of them.
With me, it tends to be long periods of embarrassment, combined with mine numbing terror and paranoia. There is good reason to be paranoid today.
When a top Bush aide attempts to evoke 911 during an abortion debate, you know the world is going sideways. Everyday, the line between church and state grows thinner. With every pro “Old time region” statement from the White House, every time that we (the United States) state that we( We the people of said United States) have the right, nay the duty to force the world to our point of view, this nation grows dimmer. The villianification of anyone that dared to speak against the all mighty divine right Bush-Despot was the first hint of something not being right in the state of the union. But its getting more bad, way more bad.
Right now we are becoming one of the most hated nations on this earth. Even more than we were before we declared wars on nations based on snotty intelligence. Why? Because Bush wanted a war.
And what war do we have?
We have a war that is getting more and more insane. Our troops, encouraged at the very least by Rumsfield’s belief that the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to people that aren’t the same religion as the president, have been abusing people that they are supposed to be saving from a cruel dictator that treated them in ways that our troops are so topping right now. I mean, making people get in naked piles and get humiliated by American service men and women is pretty hard core. Making a whole new generation of people hate us more than they did when they really didn’t have a reason to hate us, besides of course the CIA funding this group to take out that group and treating the world like a giant game of Risk without bothering to inform the American people about their actions carried out in their name, is SUCH a good idea.
Everyone knows that the way to make friends is to pick on people and show them how much more powerful you are than them. I mean, it worked when we killed off the people that lived on this land before we discovered the land they lived on. We killed them off, destroyed their religion and way of life in order to “save” and “civilize” them. More like inflict on them a belief structure that made them easier to control and relate with. Why bother learning about who these people are when you can tell them who to be?
This doesn’t work all the time and not when tech is easily gotten a hold of.
And sometimes it does more that simply “ not work” sometimes it blows up in our faces.
Osma Bin Laden started with a grudge against America, and now we have been giving him more and more amo for getting more Bombers of a Suicide level of commitment.
Want proof we are turning into a Church run state? Like besides the fact that gay and lesibain couples are being denied the RIGHT to get married just cause what some peoples relgion says about it (discounting the fact that Atheists, Jews , Muslims, Wicians, Pagans , Satan Worshipers and the Justin Timberlake fan club also get to get married and the state respects it, I wonder how long thats going to last huh?) How about this, cut and paste this little nugget of joy

“The bill, H.R. 4239, would allow parents to sue anyone who sells or distributes material harmful to their children, according to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., the author.” quoting a website (

Sue People that sell harmful stuff to children? Gee that sound pretty gosh darn American.
“If the people who published (the material), published it in such a way that they could reasonably have expected children to access it," Hunter said, "then the parents can receive an award of $10,000."

Wait, whats reasonably expected ? And wait a minute? What’s harmful? To who?

"The Justice Department hasn't been vigorous enough in prosecuting illegal pornography and parents shouldn't be then just on the sidelines," he said. "This puts them out in the field with the ball in their hands able to score a victory on behalf of their children who may have been harmed by pornography."

How does sueing someone who is doing something illegal going to work? If they are doing something illegal, can’t you just, I don’t know, arrest them? If you can’t, whats the purpose in sueing them, unless this law is meant to go after anyone that “harms children” in a way that is not giving monies to government coffers and elected officals.

"Pornographers, distributors of pornography like Yahoo and some of these . . . video game distributors may step back from what they're doing, and only out of a sense of self-preservation," Trueman said.
Ding ding ding ding
We now have the true meaning of the bill. Yahoo? A distributor of ILLEGAL porn? Video Game people?
Can’t you just show up at some office and arrest them if they are doing something legal. Especially if they something that stays put in one place, like a bussiness.
This is CENSORSHIP pretending to be FOR THE CHILDREN.
Its in black and white, right there.
And even if this bill is shot down, (contact your Congressman about this, you know I have) those that vote it down will get the negative ads telling all about the time they voted down anti protection of children from throbing cocks.
It’s a no win thing.
This is just another reason for the Founding Fathers, every powered wig one of them, are spinning in their graves.
Vote and write Congress my children.
These are orders.

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