Saturday, May 29, 2004

12:11 AM

The world is going right to the dog catchers. Its fixing to get gassed for the protection of the greater good, ask not who the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

Good God I am paranoid this week.
But shouldn’t I be?
Gas prices just getting higher, terrorism looms on the horizon, the former governor of Alabama just got accused of fraud in the first order, to a tune of 100 thousand dollars stolen from pregnant women by the nefarious Dr. Bobo who was (at least at one time) in league with the ex governor. And the city of Decatur, Alabama came close to burning down yet again. This time it wasn’t the Union Army’s doing, but a fire . On Wednesday, garbled reports came into Lou Sucks central, all forecasting doom and destruction in the near by town of Decatur.

“Once the fire hits the Literell Lumber Mill and their butane fed boiler, its all over.” , an overexcited witness told me, “ The explosion will level 4 city blocks and set the rest of the city on fire. There is a great cloud of smoke and ruin over the whole city, its best just to write the whole place off as a loss.”

“ You’re a fool!” I exclaimed, “I would have heard something about this on the news, or would have seen the floods of people fleeing the soon to be fallen city in abstract terror.”

This is not something that I needed added to the great amount of bad trouble rolling around my brain like raw oysters. If anything else starts going wrong, I don’t know what I will do. Its something out of a poem, things fall apart, the center can not hold. I needed alcohol and lots of it, plenty of guns and steak knives. Perhaps some sorta moat around the house. All I need is an internet connection and slim jims. No direct human contact for me, no sir. Just the flow of CNN and the hum of the internet. Perhaps some novels and newspapers delivered in the dead of night by an greasy book merchant named Juan. Press clippings and necessary mail shoved under the bolted front door on an hourly basis. The terrorists are out there, they walk among us. Just waiting to the call to come down the line, and their plot to be unfurled. While, at the same time, our own government is thinking up new and interesting ways of spying on its own citizens. Its only a manner of time before they come and shut all us free thinkers down. Its 1984. The government is becoming a great monster of a thing. Think I am just some raving mad man with a seldom read website? Ho ho. Read this true believers :

Its coming to pass. Everything those nuts in Montana said about America is coming true dammit! How dare they bring this thing to pass, how dare they make the freaks and the misfits right!
They used to have the common decency to HIDE this shit from us. Now they are doing it out in the relative open, Homeland security?
Fuck that shit.

I would rather be dead than live in this non America that we have created. More than that. We are now the anti- America. The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves harder than when Nixon said that the President cant break the law, its impossible. Even Nixon’s ghost is hanging his head in shame now. Its end game, its all over.
Pack it up, go home.
And now the blasted city’s on fire, moments from utter disaster?

“Decatur is to boring to go out in a blaze of fire and fame.” I screamed to myself as much as to my Witness, “ This is nothing more than an out of hand brush fire, something that will no more destroy the city than a broken toilet seat. I am going to take pictures of this fire and laugh at you when I don’t die.”

I was off. To the ruin of Decatur. But when I got there, I saw not the death and destruction of fabled lore. It might have been a Five Alarm fire, but it was not a death samwitch.
Now I would have to live in this horrible world we have created. The American Dream has long since died, raped to death by the family of Bush from Texas. There is no hope, we are all doomed.
Or are we?
Is it hopeless, or can the tide yet be turned?

This country was founded by men that had ideas greater than even themselves. They were flawed men, that tried to create a country that was better than they were, that was better than any other. They were men that might have talked about all men being created equal while owning human beings and using them as slaves. They wanted to us to have a better country, that was stolen from people that were already living on it. This country just happens to have really good PR. There is hope somewhere in the corpse of the Dream.
Maybe we should all hang on to that, vote Bush out, and Kerry (god love him, he’s all we got) in and pray that the world doesn’t end in the next 15 seconds.

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