Wednesday, June 16, 2004

11:59 PM

Trouble at the voting place, Alarms going off, Mass Confusion.
Ronald Regan is dead by God.

This is something that every man, woman, child, plant, rock, and animal in this country knows for certain. He is dead. D.E.A.D.
We have been informed, from all angles, of every aspect of the death of Ronald Regan. He legacy has been greatly distorted in the need to make a reason for this coverage of a rotten evil old man that favored the rich and sold arms to killers and viscous thugs. He lowered taxes on the rich and said that he was mentally retarded and didn’t remember half his sins when they happened.
You thought I would not attack that vile evil man they are claiming to be the second coming? A man that thought that the end of the world was nigh? And made jokes about blowing up the world?
A man that committed sins GREATER than Nixon, and only because Nixon was some breeding experiment gone wrong, the combination of a shiny black beetle and a pit viper, and was caught with his hand in the cookie jar did Tricky Dicky go down and Regan come out smelling like roses.
But then, I forget myself.
Regan is dead, and its been ten years since he was aware of who he was, much less those things he did while in control of the country, or the greatest role he ever played. He wanted to be tougher than any cowboy that he could have played in the old days, he wants to go down in history as a bad ass.
Forget that he ignored the creation of the AIDS epidemic, probably because of who he thought it was infecting.
Forget that Communism fell under its own weight, and he upped our Nuclear Weapons arsenal to a point that we would have killed the cockroaches.
Forget the millions and billions spent on Star Wars, that never happened.
Forget that he tried to cut money to school lunches by classifying ketchup as a vegetable.
Forget that he started the whole “calling our enemies evil” thing that is working oh so well for Dubya.
He was optimistic. People say that about Regan, I say thats a sign of being really stupid. You can be looking for everything to be bright happy lane with naked cheerleaders on every corner offering hugs and back rubs. It’s a world of danger and death, once you step outside your door, your fair game. Someone is going to screw with your life and eat your heart.
Its only a manner of time.
Wait for it.

My brain is being completely deep fat fried by to much paranoia. I can no longer function in this climate of hostility. Its to much badness, people that actually voted for Bush the other day in Alabama was actually pretty high, perhaps they will be stupid enough to think that they have voted already in the presidential election and do no show up for the next one. Judge Roy Moore's hand picked candidates for Judges failed to gain their offices. At least thats a positive. Its something in all this prolonged madness. Nearly ready to give up, nearly. I believe now that I will have a profound psychological break if Bush 2 is reelected. Picture me, lying trembling on a barely lit floor. Used whiskey bottles strewn around me, mumbling to myself about the Dark Beast currently re-encharage of the country. Wondering how long till I am arrested as a criminal against the state, a free thinker in the no longer free re dubya lic. The fate of the human race is at stake, these people are the same ones that elected Richard Nixon, twice.
I need something for my nerves, something that works like a combination of malt liquor and LSD something dangerous and fast acting. Perhaps something that will cause me to forget that I am a member of this doomed Human race. Something mint flavored, something that comes on strong and lasts long.
There has to be a lot of it, and it has to be cheap.
I have no money anymore, its all been stolen by a school system and people that have given me nothing but grief and horror.
But I still work here, and I am still trying.
I voted recently, its something that to few people do in this country of mostly morons. Cattle that believe the lies forced on them. I am not speaking to you, the faithful Lou Sucks reader, that has endured my long absences from you and the world of writing. I can’t abide the excuses any longer, it is time to be a pro about this , by God. The alarms went off when I cast my vote.
Buzzing and whirring.
Something was wrong with my voting card! Dangling chads are all around me, wanting a piece of my liberal heart.
But no, I just filled in a slot wrong, it was nothing major.
They didn’t want to kill me for being a non Bush man.
But I fear its only a manner of time before I am caused great harm for not being part of the group.
Think I am mad?
Think I have been drinking raw rubbing alcohol with Scope chasers?
Perhaps I have been.
But there are rumors, disheartening rumors that have been spinning around the C in C.
That he is claiming his actions are God’s Will, and those that don’t agree with him are disloyal to America.
W is Big Brother?
Perhaps, I am not right in the head, but I am not off base either.
O Lord O Lord, stop this madness.

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