Friday, August 06, 2004

11:47 AM

Drunken Iron Man quote of the week “ Leave me alone, don’t you have a wife to beat?”’ ::sounds of Iron Man throwing up::

You know what rocks about being out of school? Being finally able to update the site again on a regular basis. That’s the plan anyway. I am aware that I have made more “going to update more often now” promises than…. anyone really. I am the king of broken promises when it comes to that.
Sue me.
I have been accused of not being funny anymore or just not caring about this website.
That’s a load of crap.
Well, I never claimed to be funny. Or to be here to amuse all 3 of you reading this. I am doing this as an exercise, something to do to write, used to be every day, but then my posts got longer and longer and less and less with the making of sense and they started taking 12 to 15 hours to pull together from the rambles that I find written on Waffle House napkins I find in my pants.
Which is to say, its fully possible that the pants I think are mine and the thoughts and rambles I think belong to me are not mine at all, but just something I have stolen or borrowed off a now pantless man.
So that’s the life I am leading now, eh? Stealing the pants off hobo’s and , after drinking their blood, posting their thoughts on the internet?
It could be the truth. Would explain why my pants are so itchy and why they never fit properly…
But me not caring about this site? That poopy cocks that is. With all the ad money I get from…, well the tee shirt sales…, well all the hot chick action I get from writing on a blog…
Well, it goes without saying, that right after eating , sleeping , and using modern plumbing, this site is right up there on my list, but school gets in my way.
Been a busy summer, finished my last class, going to graduate soon, Aug 28 in fact, turned 24 this week. And of course I attended HeatherCon 98 but it was really held in 2004! I got to meet Tasha and Est, people I have internet known for ages and hang out with Jeph of Questionable Content mass market fame. I swear that guy is going to be all publishing his comics on the mass market and being all famous and selling the Questionable Content: the cartoon series that looks a lot like the animation style of Home Movies cause that’s done in some dude’s basement on the cheap. But he will not care at all cause he will be busy on the Questionable Content: the motion picture set trying to steal the Warwick Davis sized Pintsize costume.
And its not that I am calling someone that was goodly enough to have me in his home and cook me good foods with his hands that are the size of a small babies head a stealer.
I am just saying that if something I thought up was all real all of a sudden, I would totally steal it and force Warwick Davis to pretend to be my creation 24/7 under threat of spikey death. Plus they would probally give him the Pintsize costume as an perk or something.
But I say that to say this. Its been a wild and crazy summer. And if I get at least 5 comments on this post by Monday, Lou Sucks will start going Bi-weekly with looking at having at least some new content every week day. Drunken Iron Man quote might become a standard feature, Horrible Movie reviews, and brand new Horrible Album reviews.
New Content, new updates, No waiting.

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