Wednesday, August 11, 2004

2:16 PM

What good fortune for those in power that people do not think
—Adolf Hitler

A man tried to kill a town with a bulldozer, and not enough people are talking about it. In Granby Colorado , Marvin Heemeyer had been really busy for the past six months or so, busy enough to turn a common garden variety bulldozer, the kind that we all had as kids, into a make shift tank in order to reek dozer vengeance on those that had wronged him.
Personally, I think this is pretty wicked cool.
Its like we finally got a real life superhero running around, if only he was wearing a costume while he was doing it. The man made a vehicle that could not be stopped by machine gun bullets, it had a layer of steel, a layer of concrete ,and another layer of greased unclimbable steel on top of that. Marvin had mounted multiple video cameras on various points on the chassis along with a collection of high powered automatic weapons. Inside the cab of the Heemeyer-mobile, Marvin had a couple of monitors and a list of people and buildings he intended to visit and reign vengeance upon. He managed to take care of most of his list before the tanks treads got stuck in some debris and he was unable to continue on. He then...well...killed himself. I think he realized that despite the fact he didn’t kill anyone, and he had caused a ton of property damage, he had the most bad assed day of his entire life. There is no way that dude could ever surpass that day and the feelings he felt while smashing a town to tiny bits. And that’s something that everyone can really hope for, being able to die at the right time. Fate, at her most cruel, takes people to soon or lets them live to long. To live a good life, you also have to die at the right time. Odds are, if JFK had lived , just a bit longer, his presidency would have fell apart under the weight of his own dick. The man shared women with mob bosses and Red China, it was only a manner of time before that came out. He died in Dallas, and became a saint.
Not a bad way to go, really.
Well the brain spattered wife might not be ideal, but you get the picture. We remember an innocence of this country that never really existed, we remember Camelot and John John saluting the flag draped coffin. We don’t remember stupid affairs as much. In the years to come what will we remember Clinton for? Being blown in the White House. I can assure you, that’s all that remain of his legacy, his wandering eye. Regan will be remembered as the guy that ate Jelly Beans and joked about the end of the world because his bulb was beginning to dim, even then. Bush Sr was a prick bastard that couldn’t get a bellboy to believe in him. Some how he won an election. Bush Jr got an election based on who he knew in power and not what he knew about running a country. And somehow Bush Jr got the "I just a good old boy" gene that enables assholes to get away with murder. I have seen this gene in action many a time.
Men that just have that way about them that gets things done. People trust them and like them. Women flock to them, and don’t realize they are being played by a bastard. Because, people with the "I just a good old boy" gene realize early in their life that they have super powers over the rest of us. And they develop into souless monsters. Not all of them, but nearly all of them. When you don’t have to work to maintain human love for you, you are free to treat them like the dog crap on your heel and get away with it.
Just look at how W has treated the world.
He has acted like a bully and a spoiled brat. Both claiming to have supranormal knowledge and claiming ignorance to the fact that this knowledge was faked or blown out of per portion. He thinks he can get away with anything, and has his whole life. He got elected Governor despite the fact he really hadn’t done anything of note with his life. He ran oil companies into the ground and got arrested for driving drunk. That’s about it.
He has made the world a more dangerous place, and doesn’t seem to realize it. He is a religious nut that uses his religion to make command decisions.
Thats what he will be remembered for by history. Not something cool like killing a town in a tank

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