Tuesday, September 14, 2004

1:12 PM

Man its been forever. I dont want to give excuses, cause they dont matter. I am just interested in the moment. Whats going on now that is pissing me off so bad that I came back here to write about it. John Kerry's lead has went away because of a bogus book, and Bush is a lying scum bag that thinks being in the national guard is braver than actually being in harms way in Vietnam. And people belive him. There is now something called Mountain Dew Pitch Black and it tastes more like Blueberry than the Grape it claims to taste like. Or maybe more like Panter piss, dont know. And Jessica Simpson is going to be Daisy Duke!! What kinda world are we living in now kids? Daisy Duke is going to be played by a mindless simpleton that lacks junk in her trunk? Sure she has it up top, but she doesnt have a booty to make all men stop and take notice. and thats all you want from a Daisy Duke. Second, they are getting Johnny Knocksville and Seann Look at my extra N William Scott to play the Duke boys. FUCK. A. DUCK. Have these people that are making this flick even seen Dukes of Hazard? They need a car with a Rebel Flag on it to drive around a city with no, or nearly no people that are not white in it. And the only reason that they get away with this is the fact that the Duke Boys are so loveable that you dont reaslize that they being racist. They dont even realize that people might not like a car named the General Lee, after a CSA general that is so well loved that MLK Juinor day is celebrated as Lee's birthday by some southerners. How the hell did this flick get green lighted? Cause that Super Troopers guy is directing it? The Indian one? Dot not woowoo.

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